The New England Numismatic Scene

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be countless Monday afternoon blogs, some about today, 2016, and others about numismatic events and walks down memory lane (which to some readers will no doubt be like watching scratchy old 8mm Brownie films of their parents' childhood vacations).

So far it has been a busy November for me. I spent the first weekend of the month in Baltimore at the Whitman Coin Convention where I renewed some old acquaintances and went to dinner several nights running with good friends JD, Paige, and Aldo. The first night in town we went out and ate a bushel or so of crabs -- a big pile anyway -- smacking them with mallets and feasting on the rewards. When I checked into the Renaissance hotel later that night the friendly woman at the desk said "Mr. Van Valen, have you been eating crabs?" We both had a good laugh over that which led to a front-desk-wide discussion of the best place to go in Baltimore for crabs. The Baltimore coin show was active for buyers and sellers Thursday through Saturday, and I managed to buy some neat items -- most of which have sold already in the ensuing weeks at Sunday New England coin shows.

Next up after Baltimore was a great three-day show in Manchester, New Hampshire, with Thursday afternoon set-up for dealers and a brisk public presence Friday -- Veteran's Day and a day off for many collectors -- and Saturday. I sold numerous coins and exonumia pieces, and managed to buy a lot of great stuff as well. The third Sunday show in Nashua is a great show with about 50 dealers and is well worth attending. I was there yesterday and had a good show with good public attendance. Collectors in attendance were looking for new and fresh coins and exonumia, and fortunately, I had some of both. I end November next Sunday in Westford, Massachusetts at a monthly show. I've been there to buy coins but not to sell. By this time next week I'll have a full report for you -- the excitement mounts!