Numo-Blog-A-Rootie #10

“Life is what you make of it, it all depends on you…” “I’m Not A Juvenile Delinquent” The Teenagers, Gee Records, 1956

Ah, it’s Friday afternoon, December 1, and other than some in-arrears bookkeeping, I have the weekend “off” -- except, of course, for those other 19 things I need to catch up on. (As for the expression ‘in-arrears,” does that really refer to being behind in some way, or is it more about where the pain of catching up often settles itself?) I thought I might even take some time off from coins – no shows this weekend, and the inventory is mostly updated and checked in.

Of course, there were those few short journeys to eBay made yesterday and again this morning. On a search yesterday afternoon, I came across an incorrectly described Flying Eagle cent offering. I noticed it by searching a seller’s additional items after looking at a Barber dime offered by the seller. This otherwise nondescript VG 1858 cent was called “1958” in his description, but I plunked down my $29.99, Buy It Now and Free Postage order immediately just the same. I saw the broken wing tip and what may be the “navel” dot between the date and the eagle’s underbelly, and will know for certain in a few days about that belly button die marker.

I also plunked down $200, Buy It Now and Free Postage, for an 1874-dated silver Life Saving Medal awarded to a fellow for saving lives during a shipwreck and storm just off a Scottish port – this neat bit of maritime history, complete with hand-engraved shipwreck scene on the reverse, will probably remain in my collection for now, but it will be the subject of a lengthy and hopefully not too boring upcoming NBAR blog, complete with pictures!

And speaking of upcoming NBARs, if you’ve read this far, there’s a chance you’ve been reading this blog routinely, or regularly, depending upon whether you read it out of boredom or eager anticipation. Me, I’m tired of the name NumoBlog-A-Rootie, and I’m offering a contest -- if you read NBAR #9 you probably remember I alluded to just such a grand event!


Help me rename NBAR! Send me suggestions at, or even right here on FB. And, if this is to be a real contest, why, then, there has to be a prize. I propose this: I will send the winner a silver shilling token of Great Britain, circa 1811-1812, date and grade of my choice, but probably one of the common varieties from my personal collection that was updated recently. Still, when’s the last time someone offered you a neat British sterling token that circulated during their lean times of 1811 and 1812 in VF or so? Cool as all get-out and sure to tickle the collector in you.

Just remember, all the obvious names have already been bandied about. All the best until NBAR’s replacement next week, or regular issue #11 if you’re keeping track.