November in New England

Today, yesterday's tomorrow, is sunny but chilly here in New Hampshire's beautiful Lakes Region. I left home yesterday morning at 5:45 AM for a coin show in Massachusetts. By 6 AM the sun was rising and it presented quite a spectacle. It didn't merely serve to lighten the gray November day, but it stepped on stage in grand style. Soft puffs of rose and pale blue -- what was that TV artist's name -- dusted the scuttling charcoal gray cloud cover, followed a mile or so later down NH Route 28 South by a sky-wide horizon of bold sunset orange gone astray at the wrong end of the day. The orange glow deepened, suddenly revealing the burning rim of Sol's majesty dwarfing the horizon for a few moments before settling into a pale blue sky and assuming its usual identity. Oh, it all sounds corny in writing, but it was just one of those sunrises that, well, you know the sort. It was a wonder I could drive at all

The show was well-attended by John Q. Public and sales were brisk, especially with exonumia -- I might have the wrong market focus. Anyway, it's not easy to replace quality coins and exonumia in this marketplace, but I came away from the Massachusetts show with a Mint State-65 1936-D Buffalo nickel -- I know it's a relatively common date but the toning is spectacular! I bought a few other nicely toned coins including a MS-65 Walking Liberty half dollar, two Morgan dollars, MS-64 and MS-63, and a few Franklin half dollars. I hope to get in some road trips in the next few weeks visiting coin shops in NH and neighbors Vermont and Maine. Who knows what I'll find!  

The New England Numismatic Scene

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be countless Monday afternoon blogs, some about today, 2016, and others about numismatic events and walks down memory lane (which to some readers will no doubt be like watching scratchy old 8mm Brownie films of their parents' childhood vacations).

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Coming Soon!

Over the coming weeks and months, you'll find all sorts of information here on this blog. Do you have a burning numismatic question? A curiosity? Frank will be answering your questions here, writing about areas he enjoys and specializes in, and sharing photos of "neat nerdy stuff" he finds.

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